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     In recent years, a clear trend in many terminal markets and applications has been the replacement of AC motors or mechanical pumps with efficient Brushless DC motors(BLDC). Some of the main advantages of using BLDC include: higher power and heat efficiency, higher spatial/weight efficiency, higher reliability(no brush), and safer working in a dangerous environment(it does not produce brush powder or spark like a brush motor). In addition, because BLDC Motors use electronic direction switching, it is easier to control torque and speed parameters within the speed range of the application and can achieve more complex controls, such as maintaining torque or speed limits. With these advantages, BLDC Motors occupy a place in many existing and new applications. In the automotive field, BLDC motors have been used to replace hydraulic actuators and brush Motors, which can not only reduce weight/size, extend working life, reduce maintenance costs, but also significantly improve overall system performance and efficiency. With the rapid development of optimized fuel efficiency in the automotive industry, BLDC motors can now achieve corresponding performance. Helps reduce engine load in transmission systems, electric power steering and HVAC(HVAC) systems, starting Motors / generators and various pumps(water/fuel/oil).  


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